Need an urgent place to stay? Look no further, private room in spacious appartment, wifi avaialble, washer dryer, ironing equipment.Close to public transport, bus train tram, highway supermarkets nearby, gyms nearby.Very safe neighbourhood, police surveillance, as well as buidling camera for your safety. The ideal candidate is not addicted to any substance. meaning no sigaret smoker no soft drugs user no hard drugs permitted in the premises. no porn addict you will not be allowed to place mining rigs. also needs to be quiet without constant reminder to not be a nuisance to the environment if your talking extra loud to your family members on the phone do not introduce yourself you’re not welcome. you’re also prohibited from bringing pork meat in this house and if you’re a body switcher you can go and do the deed in the other person’s house. No filming in the house no twitch or other live streaming crap. no TikTok videos no ONLYFans. no live streaming inside the premises

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