Hi everyone,I’m looking for someone to keep my appartment warm and take care of my plants -while I’m traveling. The appartment will be available from 2-11-2023 till 19-01-2024. Ofcourse we can discuss the dates aswel, if needed. Just let me know :)The appartment is already fully decorated, so you can move in right away with your stuff. The appartment looks a bit different now, because I like to move furniture around hihi. I live in paddepoel and there’s a shopping mall within 5 minutes walk. You can live here by yourself, or as a couple. It’s not possible to register on the address. Send me a message, introduce yourself and we can arrange a day to meet 🙂 P.s it’s important for me that you know how to take of plants. As I have many more now, than you can see on the pictures.*ofcourse you will pay for the days that you’re actually in the appartment. So not the second halve of January